Sonos Move Microphone is not working

  • 29 February 2020
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I can not activate any of the services “Alexa” or “Google Assistant” as it says is not available for Portugal. In my mobile both services work, and google is clearly selling their own speakers in our country.

In a other mobile devices I get the message “Setup Problem - check your internet connection and try again”.

It’s a bit frustrating it doesn’t work any audio service.




7 replies

Hi @lgrincho , thanks for the post and welcome to the Community.

We are always trying to expand  our voice service support to as many regions as possible.

The Sonos supportability with voice services are not currently available in Portugal, but I would be happy to submit this feedback to our Sonos team. 

In regards to your error reading “Setup Problem - check your internet connection ,“ I would like to see how the Sonos system is communication to your network.

Would you be able to provide me with a diagnostic report of the Sonos system?  

Send diagnostic report Nr. 411628493.

Thanks for the update,

I can see from the diagnostic that the specific WiFi network that your Sonos player is communicating with is displaying slightly different information compared to your router. 

Are you operating a router that has came with an access point to help extend or re-enforce the network? 

Would I be able to get the model number of your router?

I have some access points from Huawei, that are able to reproduce the networks 2,4G and 5G.

They are supplied by Vodafone in Portugal,  and they are located 3 to 4 meter aways from Sonos device. In speed test I get 400Mbps for download and 200Mbps for upload when using the band 5G.

I had previously a problem with a Cisco application, which is imposed by my company, but when I uninstall it was able to connect with the device, but still have the same problem when trying to access to the the Alexa service.

In the mobile device google assistant and Alexa works well. Why doesn’t it work in Sonos?




Sonos utilizes different protocols and communication practices than other smart devices. If the controller and device are not matching network credentials, there will be opportunity for communication issues to arise. 

To troubleshoot this theory I would like you to operate the Sonos system with the access points/extenders powered down. Furthermore,  to make sure there is no underlying wireless issues it would be best to run this test with one Sonos unit is hardwired into the main router.

Do you continue to receive errors in that state?

I submitted diagnostic - 2042030695.

From Sonos app I can play Music in my apple library, but from my Music App sometimes it connects and without any reason it gets disconnected and starts playing again in the iMac.
Normally then I don’t know what to do to connect until once it may work again and the process will repeat.

This, and the fact that I can not connect to Alexa or Google, as I’m based in Portugal is making my investment a really bad option.

Can anyone help me with both problems ?

Regarding your first point in your reply, it seems that you are using Airplay 2 for streaming and not the Sonos app. This has the Sonos system act as a target for casting and issues associated with Airplay 2 usually is dependent on how consistently your phone communicates to the Airplay 2 service. If that connection is broken, it is usually a result of the phone not receiving  reliable casting communication. If music plays without a problem on Sonos but not when casting with Apple’s service, rebooting the phone, router, or contacting Apple support may be warranted.

Regarding your second point, your feedback has been submitted. Voice service integration is an actively expanding program and although I cannot give details on if the service will be available in your region, I have been happy to let our team know when these requests come in.