Sonos Google Assistant integration won't cancel an alarm in response to "stop"

  • 18 May 2019
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Google recently released an update allowing us to cancel alarms by merely saying "stop". My Sonos Beam will only cancel alarms in response to the wake phrase plus "stop", i.e. I must use "Ok Google, stop" or "Hey Google, stop". This is a confusing and unhelpful user experience as the Beam requires different commands to the other Google Home devices in our household.

Why doesn't "stop" work, does this indicate that the Sonos integration is not a current version of Google Assistant? What does this mean for the future?

I've no idea whether this needs to be fixed by Google or Sonos, I've already reported it to Google, and encourage anyone else experiencing this problem to do so also.

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4 replies

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Hi, Ditsy. We are continually working to improve the experience with Google Assistant on Sonos. Feedback such as yours is monumental in making this happen, so thank you for this. I will be sure to forward it to the necessary department. Do let us know if you need anything else. Many thanks.
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Thanks for the response, it's apparent from reading through the forum that the Alexa integration evolved, so I'm hoping the Google Assistant one will also. Any insight into why this isn't working would be very interesting though. I'm particularly concerned that the Sonos Google Assistant may always lag behind Google's version. Is there anything you can share in this regard to alleviate concerns?
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The Google Assistant integration has regressed. It is no longer possible to set an alarm via my Beam. When is this going to be resolved?
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This is *finally* working.