Sonos devices missing from Google Home/Assistant

  • 29 August 2020
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Hiya. Has anyone experienced issues with Google Home dropping Sonos devices? When I open google home it does not list all my Sonos speakers. what is odd is if I unlink Sonos and reconnect to Google home it lists a different subset of my Sonos speakers - or has connected to some it wasn't previously connected to and dropped previously connected ones! So it can see them it just is not consistent.I

have a similar issue with Assistant in that it won't connect to all available (those that can work with assistant) - if I tap on voice settings in the Sonos app it shows the other devices as untucked but when I select them and it launches Google Assistant it says it can't find any devices.

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5 replies

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Hi @Baldgeezer, welcome to the Sonos Community! We greatly appreciate you being a part of the Sonos family. It is our pleasure.

Let me help you with your concern by first suggesting to reset up everything with Sonos and Google. Remove the Google Assistant in the Sonos app then after you unlink it to all the Sonos speakers, delete/unlink all the Sonos devices in the Google Home/Assistant app then log out your Google account. Re-login in Google apps then readd the Google Assistant in the Sonos app. Submit a diagnostic of your system after trying and still fails. Reply to us with the confirmation number. We and the community are always here to help.

Confirmation number 1951967788. 

Only found 4 devices. Failed to add the 3rd assistant device from the lounge where there is a playbase and 2 Sonos one's. It used to work in there and would give me the choice of which surround to enable for Google Assistant. 

Since it fails to find the lounge, Google home only gives you the choice of "try again" or "cancel" so once it is stuck on adding the lounge speakers it fails to find the remaining speakers in other rooms.

Btw I did also notice that when Google Assistant first connects to Sonos is gives me a choice of two Sonos systems to connect to.  Both are identical in terms of speakers so I am assuming it sees two systems since it was updated to S2 so it sees an S1 and S2 variant? I chose system 2.

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Hi @Baldgeezer, thanks for your response and diagnostic. Upon checking, it seems like you have a WiFi extender where some of your speakers connect. It’s the reason why Google asked which set of Sonos speakers you want to connect to even you only have one system which you access in the S2 app. Having an extender with Sonos system at home is known to cause problems the same on what you’re experiencing. My suggestion is to try to disconnect the extender from power and try again without it. If that works, rename your WiFi extender with a different name or just add an extender to know the WiFi you’re using and Sonos can only focus on connecting to your router. 

Let us know how it goes. We and the community are always here to help.

HI - been away for a bit so coming back to this.

In terms of extenders, I have the following on my home network (all of which expose the same WiFi SSID):

Sky hub

Sky Q box

3 x Sky boosters


So effectively there are 5 devices broadcasting the SSID. If your comment about the 2 systems was right then would not it list 5 systems?


I did manage to get it working by completely resetting Google Home/Google Assistant/Sonos mobile apps but it has recently stopped again with devices dropping off.


Please advise.


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Hi @Baldgeezer, thanks for your reply with your network setup. I found in the diagnostic that you also have a Tp-Link device that causing the problem. You may need to disconnect that from the power or change its WiFi name as some of your Sonos connects to that and all should be connected to one network device and manufacturer. Also, you can hardwire one Sonos device to the router using an ethernet cable to connect them all to one network. 

Let us know how it goes. We and the community are always here to help.