Sonos beware of Google

  • 20 December 2020
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We all know how all encompassing big tech can be. I was one of the few people that invested in a Nest camera before Nest was acquired by Google. Once Google acquired the company, Nest became a little compromised in terms of what they offer. If Sonos bailed out because of the big tech squeeze, Sonos will never be the same under Google. Whilst the Google Home Hub sells well, it’s nowhere near as quality a product as Sonos products. Any Sonos legacy products are easily superior that any of Google’s newer products (Google does not really have special interest in speakers, they have special interest in a bigger slice of the market -whatever it takes. I recently switched to the Ring Doorbell because they are genuinely about home security rather than also trying to harvest users’ personal info in effort to sell you more products (soon there’ll be a Google refrigerator, Google car, shaver, etcetera, it’s mind numbing). Sonos has a moral duty to not cede their innovation spot to the G. What say ye? 

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