Sonos Beam can turn TV off but not on

  • 28 November 2020
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I have had the Sonos Beam for around a year now and been using it via ARC to an old Samsung TV. In addition to this I have 3 Sonos One around the house, and a Sub used together with the Beam

The Beam works perfectly via ARC for TV sound, but I have an issue with the Google Assistant. I am able to turn OFF the TV via google voice commands, but when trying to turn it ON nothing happens (the Beam light blinks for a while and then stops).

Strange thing is that if I issue the turn ON command to any of the Sonos One speakers around the house, it works and the TV turns ON!

Just got a new LG TV (65NANO956) and was hoping the issue would disappear, but same thing happens. Sonos One speakers can turn on the TV, but the beam does nothing (all other commands like “turn off”, works).

System is setup via SonosNet, and the Beam is the access point.

Any suggestions to what might be happening here, as the TV evidently does support turning on through the Google Sonos integration as seen with the One speakers?

Could it be due to the Beam being the device that is cabled to the router for SonosNet? Or some artifact for devices connected via ARC? 

I have tried resetting all devices and removing and adding Google assistant to the speakers again, but with no luck.

Thanks in advance!


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1 reply

Found the solution. Turns out the TV Control unit had to be placed in the same room as the Sonos beam in the Google Home App.

Not sure why it was still working for the Sonos One speakers in my other rooms before without the change in the Google Home App. But at least it works flawlessly now.