Sonos Arc with Google Assistant: "mic is muted" and "mic is back on" while music is playing

  • 24 November 2022
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Hey all,

I set up Google Assistant on my Arc last night and it keeps repeating “mic is muted” and then after a couple of seconds (or sometimes longer) “the mic is back on” while music/sound is playing. I did find this sonos thread with the same issue, but there are no other devices around it and I cleaned the device to make sure there wasn’t any debris.

The only other thing I can think of is maybe the heater is somehow interfering with the device (there’s a vent about 1.5’ below), but the mic only seems to be triggered while the speaker is active and not at rest.

Here are some videos of the behaviour:


I ended up disabling GA on my Arc for now (luckily I have a nearby Move that’s currently able to pick up my GA voice commands), but it’d be great to be able to use it on the Arc since we don’t plan on having the Move in that location permanently. Any ideas?


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Hi @peelings, welcome to the Sonos Community!

It’s possible that the Arc is getting interference from the vent if it’s that close, but hard to tell for sure. I would suggest submitting a diagnostics as soon as the issue happens again then reaching out to our support team to troubleshoot the issue. 

The diagnostics will show what is triggering the mic button and if there is any interference that the Sonos Arc is picking up on.

I hope this helps!

@Jamie A will do! I’ll be out of town for the next week, but will do it when I get back. I’ll follow up if anything comes of it, thanks!

This issue has happened for about a month now but it’s with Alexa and there are two components to the issue:


  1. The mic goes on and off by itself with nothing touching the hardware nor anyone using the app
  2. Alexa is triggered by the sound from the Arc itself. 

I’ve submitted diagnostics and am debating sending it back for an RMA but truly think it’s a firmware issue Sonos is not acknowledging and afraid I’ll get a replacement that actually is worse. 

Did you contact them with the diagnostic numbers of your submissions? As noted in the Diagnostics - How do they work? thread, they don’t automatically look at each one that comes in. 

Yes I did and at this point they offered to replace it but I’m far from the only one on the web who has had similar issues and I’m concerned as to what the replacement will be like as ours is in pristine condition. I really believe it’s bad firmware. 

Would be unusual, since you’re the only one reporting in these forums that the mic is going ‘on’ and ‘off’. But I’m glad they’ve made the offer, and it’s in your court at this point. 

If you look elsewhere such as Reddit, you will find others commenting on the same issue. There are even some closed threads from this forum describing it. 

If you look elsewhere such as Reddit, you will find others commenting on the same issue. There are even some closed threads from this forum describing it. 

I would maybe try moving the Arc (a little further away from the TV, if now in situ?) either move it down, or forward, a centimetre, or two …and just see if some movement may resolve the issue.

That is exactly what we are doing but limited width on this table. Hoping gee get lucky 

If some slight movement of the Arc doesn’t sort it, I would just go with the product ‘replacement’ suggested/recommended, as I don’t think it will be a software/firmware issue, otherwise I would assume there would be dozens, if not hundreds, of people complaining about the exact same issue at this moment in time, which obviously is not the case.

Just guessing, but it’s more likely going to be something internal (a vibration etc.🤔?) just slightly interfering with the mic touch-sensitive control.