sonos arc and google assistent

  • 22 March 2021
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after upgrading my 5.1 sonos system from the playbar to the arc, Google Assistant is not functioning as it used to. Most command simply do not work at all, it does not recognize any input and just sits there staring at me.

Is there a way to select the sonos one as the speaker with assistant functionality? Since it does work with the sonos one, but not with the arc.

all in all im very disappointed with the lackluster google intergration on the arc.

diagnostics report:  796466105

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3 replies

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Unfortunately the vocal assistant on the Sonos One cannot be used if it is connected as a surround speaker to the Sonos Arc.

Does Google Assistant function at all with the Arc? Does it answer simple commands?

Some simple command work, but a lot dont.

i.e: “turn on the lights” does work, but “turn on the radio” does not work. When it does not work 9/10 time the status light stays on and does not start blinking other times it responds with “i cant help you with that” 

the same command used to work fine on the sonos one when i still had the playbar. Also when i move over to a different room the same commands work on google home mini.

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You might want to try phrasing your commands to be more specific and see if that makes a difference.

I know this isn’t ideal, but you should consider turning off the microphone on the Arc and using a Google Home Mini to use in your room instead.