sonos 5.1 mutes when turn off tv with google assistant

I have a Sonos 5.1 (beam, sub and 2 ones). When I turn off the tv using the google assistant the sonos speakers are automatically muted. The don’t unmute automatically if I play music (i.e. Spotify).
Is there a way to disable this automatic muting?

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Don’t have an answer for you mate but I just got my Beam today, hooked it up to my Sony Bravia and it’s doing exactly the same thing! Had to google it just to find out what the solid green led meant!
Hope someone answers you soon.

Exact same issue here.

Playbar + Sub + Ikea Symphony goes into Mute when I power of my Samsung Q90R TV

Same problem. Sony Bravia XBF55X900F + Sonos Beam. Doesn't require assistant to happen to me. Any time I turn off the bravia or it goes to screensaver the Beam volume gets set to zero. Really hope somebody has found a fix, as it's quite frustrating. 

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not a resolve but an observation from my system (AppleTV>Sony 940/930 series TVS>Sonos Beams). I have noticed that if my volume is 0-10 when I shutdown, the Beam mutes but Volumes >10 @ shutdown does not mute. It appears that there is a trigger in the chain that signals the mute signal on the Sonos. Same behavior on all 5 of my units.