shuffling a playlist

  • 19 May 2019
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Does anyone know how to shuffle a playlist using an assistant voice command on Sonos? I've tried loads of variations and it'll only ever play the playlist in sequential order. Seems like an obvious command to have available.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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8 replies

Seriously. Crazy function to leave out!
UPDATE: I started playing a playlist, then opened Spotify and hit shuffle. Now *everything* plays shuffled, even albums I request. But I’d rather it be always shuffled than never shuffled, so... something at least.
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It's crazy that Sonos hasn't made this option available in Alexa or Google Assistant, but there is a way: Olisto has "change play mode" as an available command in their Sonos interface. Olisto is a free home automation service (like IFTTT) that supports voice triggering by Google Assistant and Alexa commands, and has native Sonos support including the command to select Shuffle mode. So I created an Olisto action called "Sonos Shuffle", and then I say to Google Assistant "Hey Google, set Sonos shuffle mode". That's enough for Google to get that it needs to call Olisto.
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Come on Sonos. As a music speaker, need to get this feature sorted out. Pleased to have Google assistant. But this and voice match would make it awesome.

U can do it with alexa only,  when the play list is on just say Aldxa,  shuffle mode on,  then it will be activated 

This is a deal breaker for me.   My Sonos speakers sound OK, but the limited functionality of GA is annoying.  Especially, something as basic as ‘shuffle’.  What the…???  

Shuffle mode on/ off works with Alexa.

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We just have to be patient with this. Sonos are working hard on really important stuff like bringing you their S2 control app. They are also working on Google Assistant issues in the background, but It’s been less than a year since introduction of GA support. They are already almost finished fixing problem #1 of 4275.