Should i see google assistant in sonos app after adding?

  • 26 December 2020
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I have a Symfonisk from Ikea, i read that it supports google assistant. I was under the impression that it basically was a google home device, but starting to realize that’s not the case and you still need a google another device with google assistant/home to be able to control it with voice. First i thought that’s kind of misleading, because that’s not how i interpret anything that says it supports google assistant to work.


Now what i can’t figure out is after i add the google assistant in the app, i don’t see google assistant in that section of the app, although below it i see my spotify which i added in the music services. It just has the + add a voice assistant there. However, i do see the device in my google home app. Is this normal? 



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1 reply

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I don’t own any of the Symfonisk speakers, but since you can see the device in the Google Home app, this sounds like normal behavior to me.

Because your Symfonisk speaker doesn’t have built-in voice controls like the Sonos One for example, you will have to use a separate device with voice controls to control playback on your Symfonisk as you mentioned above.

The cheapest option in this case would be the Google Home Mini or the slightly newer Google Nest Mini.

After setting up the Google Home/Nest Mini in the Google Home app, you select it from there in the list of devices, then tap the settings icon and select the “Default speaker” option in the “Device settings” section. From there, all you need to do is select your Symfonisk speaker and you’re done! After issuing commands to the new speaker, music playback should start on your Symfonisk.

Also, make sure you have added your Spotify account in the Google Home app and set Spotify as your default music service. You will be asked to do so during the setup process.

You can find more information on Google’s help page about setting a default speaker: