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  • 23 February 2020
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I have a Spotify family account with 5 separate logins, 1 for each family member and one for general house or guest use. I would like to set it so that when Sonos is controlled by Google Assistant, it uses the general house account instead of my personal account. The problem is that if I am not home, driving in my car, or home listening to headphones, and my kids use the Sonos system, whatever I'm listening to stops and it deletes my listening queue, then replaces it with what they are listening to, and if I start playing my device, it deletes what they are listening to. This defeats the purpose of having separate accounts to begin with. I've tried changing the account in the Sonos PC application but it keeps doing the same thing, as though the Google Assistant always defaults to my personal account no matter the Sonos settings. Please let me know how to fix this annoying problem. Thank you for any solutions!


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5 replies

@embauer74 Welcome to the Sonos Community and thank you for bringing your question to us. When you have the family account setup on your Sonos system you want your family members to add their Google Play music account to Sonos from their device. When they go to browse in the Sonos app from their device they will see their account and have access to their music. It sounds like at the moment they are going to browse and selecting Google Play, which is your account, and starting a new stream to your home Sonos system.  That would stop the stream on your phone or car to be able to play it at home. They can also when under browse and selecting Google Play choose a drop down at the top to switch between which Google Play account they are choosing to avoid using your account when you are driving or using Google Play on another device.

You can use this link to setup your guest Google Account to run the Google voice assistant in Sonos. If you have any other questions please follow up with us here.

Hi John,

Thank you for the information. However, none of my family members use Google Play for music, so the answer does not apply exactly. We have a family Spotify account with 5 different logins. If other family members play music directly from the app on their device, it will use their account. But if they use the Google Voice Assistant to play music through the Sonos system, it will default to my account, interrupt whatever I'm listening to and wipe out my queue. I would like to know how to make the default account used by the Google Assistant the family account instead of my personal account (i.e. I can still use my Spotify login to play music from my account using PC or iOS devices, but if controlling with Google Voice Assistant in the Sonos Beam, it will use the family account). 



Hi Erik, My mistake for miss quoting Google Play music and not the Spotify service you are using, but the limitation is still the same with the Spotify service. You would need to create a second Google Assistant account. You would then remove your current Google Assistant account from Sonos and set it back up with the newly created second account using the steps in this link. You would then have one of your family members setup their Spotify account as the default music service in Google Assistant. This would eliminate your account being the default account to play when they make a voice command for a music choice. If you have any Google speaker products you would also want to be logged into those devices with the second Google account you will have created to avoid account mismatch.

Lastly, I would be happy to pass this on to our engineers as a feature request for Sonos. Also, I would recommend making this a feature request to Google as well.

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Many people use a separate Spotify account just for Sonos as not to mess up their statistics and playlists.

wow that’s pretty bad. why can’t we just ask google to play “person’s name” + “playlist” then if im listening on my headphones, my wife can listen to what she wants in her space… why did you make software that doesnt account for human behavior?