Roam WM0 / WM1 Google Assistant

  • 23 April 2021
  • 4 replies

Very happy with my Roam but apparently it does not work on SONOSNET  (WMO) status WM1. The rest of my Sonos system only works on Sonosnet because I have a Mesh wifi system that, trust me, will not work correctly with Sonos (Mesh Tp-Link M9 Deco). The Roam works but I am not able to install Google assistant. Simply won’t find the Roam. It finds the other speakers just fine. (One, Arc) Could this have anything to doe with de WM1 status? 


Thanks in advance 

4 replies

Extremely unlikely IMO.  Have you gone into the Settings for the Roam in the Sonos app and added Google Assistant as the voice service?

Yes I did, numerous times now. The Sonos app asks on witch speaker you want to ad GA and in that list the roam is available. (so is the ‘one’ and the ‘arc’) but when you check the roam the app goes to GA to find new item…...doesn’t find the roam. Does find the One and the Arc.

I am surprised that having gone into the settings for the Roam, you are asked which speaker you want to add GA to.  

Even Trough settings for the Roam It just doesn't find the Roam in google assistant.