Remove Google voice but stay linked for hardware control..

  • 2 August 2019
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Is it possible to disable the Google Assistant Voice control and keep the linked status in google home? I want to continue to control the Sonos Beams but use my Google Nest Hubs for voice commands. My wife misses having her own personal assistant settings and assistant voice. Right now I have the mics turned off as a work around. I am also using airplay more and more 2 group my Sonos system for music since that feature is not available yet from google.
On a side note just having the flexibility to use both Google and Apple are why I use and enjoy my Sonos system every day. Thanks

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3 replies

Turning the mics off is the only way.
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thank you for taking time to reply! much appreciated!!!
I have switched my Beam back to Alexa to not clash with my Nest Hub ,Max. But when ever I try to talk to my nest hub max, my beam mutes. How can I use my Nest Hub Max without affecting my Beam?