Radio 4 voice command stopped working

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I used to be able to start radio 4 with the voice command "OK Google, play BBC Radio 4" now this just leads to Sonos playing Radio 4 Extra. Has any one else seen this to know how to fix it?

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I have a new development to report. Now when asking to play BBC Radio 2, I've had BBC Radio Cymru 2 play instead. Not everytime but has happened on three occasions. The voice logs are showing my voice was heard correctly.




It’s a sign … time to learn Welsh.

It’s a sign … time to learn Welsh.

This could finally tip the balance and make me learn Cymraeg. Sonos Dda. 

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Same issue here. Asking for BBC Radio 2 results in BBC Radio Cymru whilst asking for BBC Radio 4 gets you BBC Radio 4 Extra. In both cases, Google Home has correctly parsed the voice command and if it’s not linked to a Sonos as the target speaker, will correctly play the requested radio station. 

I have had this same problem for ages. It is pathetic that it hasn’t been sorted out. 

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I can get BBC Radio 2 reliably with the voice command. "OK Google, play 88 to 91 FM". The same technique didn't seem to work for Radio 4 though...

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I tried Radio 4 with a Google Home Mini and Sonos Five speaker today and still the same problem of Radio 4 Extra being steamed. 

              This is the same issue that I am experiencing. I was so hoping to find  solution here and quite disappointed to see that it has remained unresolved for so long.                


I got this working.

It is by no mean a fix, but it is at least a functioning workaround thanks to some clever people in the IFTTT community.

Instructions here:

They’re for Alexa, but it works fine with Google Assistant too.

Hi there

We’re still facing an issue with Sonos playing BBC Radio 4 Extra instead of BBC Radio 4. 
Any update?


I am adding my voice to the chorus. When asking for Radio 4 or 2 I get Radio 4 Extra or Radio Cymru instead. Very much regretting my Sonos purchase so far.

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Can’t quite believe this hasn’t been fixed. My wife may leave me if it isn’t fixed soon!

Still waiting. 
It feels like SW issue in a table. 

has anyone been able to get Radio 4 by asking for a different station. I know asking for 4 xtra does not work. 

Time to get Google speakers.