Problem adding second person to speaker through google app

  • 3 August 2021
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I have 2 roams, both set up and on the network, I have set up Google assistant on both, and for the most it works fine, that was until my wife tried to add the devices to her home app, she goes to voice assistant, clicks add devices and the 2 speakers show up. when she clicks next it throws an error and say they can’t be added, then enrolment failed.

Any help or ideas would be good.


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Hi @itnassol 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

I’m afraid Sonos can only connect to one Google Account at a time.

However, you can use Google’s Voice Match feature so Google Assistant on Sonos recognises your wife’s voice (and yours) and acts accordingly.

This needs to be setup in your Google Assistant on your phone. Essentially, you’ll add your wife’s Google account as a family member on your Google account. I’m not sure if this will give your wife access to Sonos via her Google Home app.

These pages should help:


Hi Cory,

thank you so much for the reply, I have done this she is set up in the account and has her own app, she see’s the speakers but cannot add her voice to them. through her assistant.

Thanks again


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Hi @itnassol 

We don’t receive training on Google Voice Match, and I happen to use Alexa so I can’t give you specific advice, but I believe your wife will need to train Google with her voice on her phone - nothing to do with Sonos. Once done, you, as the owner of the account that Sonos is linked to, will need to add her to your Google account as a family member. I do not expect your wife to be able to link the Sonos speakers that are associated with your Google account on her Google app - this feature of having multiple users works with voice control only.

I could be wrong, however - hopefully someone who has Google Voice Match working with Sonos on their own system will be able to help.

I found one more page which may help;

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Hi @itnassol 

My colleague Xander has written out some steps here;


Hi Cory,

Thank you again, I have tried that but to no avail, I also set up another Google Mini to test the system The Google mini, and the 2 Sonos Roam, all show up, if I share the devices and then my wife, from her account, tries to add her voice the Google mini goes through ok, but the Roams do not.

I have tried all the various retrain voice and re-installing.

Thanks again though.

See they are there, but when we try to add anyone's voice, tried it on 5 phones now, we get this..


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Hi @itnassol 

Voice Match needs to be set up on your wife’s Google account/device, but anything to do with the Roam will need to be done from your account/device - your Sonos system cannot link with two Google accounts.

Adding your wife’s Google account as a family member to your Google account should be enough, after she has set up voice match on her account. 

To be clear, you cannot add the Roam (or other Sonos units) in Google Home/Assistant on a device which is logged into a different Google account than the one Sonos is connected to. They should show up automatically though, once your wife is added as a family member to your Google account. 

If things still don’t work (on your device), you may find that a reboot of all devices involved will help - including the router. Please remove power from the router for at least 30 seconds.

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I have the same issue, I ask here (Sonos post).

Do you find any solution about it ?

Thank you