Play on a Sonos Groups from a Google Assistant

  • 21 January 2023
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I don’t think this is possible, but all the answers I find are from 3 years ago (which is depressing because it feels like an updated feature is never going to come). I don’t want to group any google speakers with my Sonos speakers. I just want to know if there is a way to say “Hey google play “song” on “my Sonos group”. “My Sonos Group” is one of several groupings I’ve built in the Sonos app. I know there is no way to group within the Home app itself, but is there no command that Google Assistant can’t send to Sonos to just play an already set up group? 


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4 replies

There’s unfortunately no way the Google assistant (GA) can group/ungroup your Sonos devices, that’s only a feature which is available via the Alexa assistant and ‘Alexa enabled groups’, or better still using Sonos’ own SVC assistant (which can also work alongside Alexa too on the same speaker). Sadly GA does not work alongside those other mentioned voice assistants - I assume this was a decision that Google made.

Anyhow, a workaround is to group your Sonos speakers first in the Sonos App and then ask Google to play to any one of those speakers and the music will play to all.

Hope that assists. 

Thanks, this is the answer I expected. I also looked up the IFTTT and it seems as though that no longer work as well (if anyone can confirm this that would be great). I might by a harmony remote hub and try that route, but boy this is annoying for such an expensive setup.

Maybe consider uninstalling the Google Assistant and switch to using SVC on one (or more) of your S2 compatible Sonos speakers and perhaps resolve the issue that way. See these SVC links:

Setup Sonos Voice Control

SVC Syntax - this shows the grouping capabilities and voice instructions available.

MSP’s and SVC 

Setting Default Service for SVC

Another option if you use iOS controller devices is to use 3rd-party Apps like Soro, which will allow grouping/ungrouping using Siri.

Sadly, Google is the least-helpful when it comes to Sonos grouping/ungrouping. 

I hope that helps a little more.

Hi. If you are asking for Google to be able to use the "named groups" that can be created in Sonos, then forget it. This will never happen. The "named groups" are just shortcut button taps to be used when manually grouping. There is no programming object for Google to use.