Play Google Home Routines on Sonos Play 1

  • 17 July 2019
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I have successfully linked Google Home (on my android phone) with Sonos, so I can play music on the Sonos Play 1 by saying "Hey Google play in the kitchen" (where "kitchen" is the name of my Sonos Play 1 in the kitchen). So far, so good! : )

Google Home has "routines" such as playing the news and weather when you say "OK Google, good morning". But I don't know how to have the "routine" play from the Sonos speaker.

On the Google Home app on my phone if I select "Routines" then it gives me the option to
"Play routines on"
and an Edit link
If I click the Edit link I can select from
  • This device
  • Google mini
but I can't select the Sonos speakers (e.g. "kitchen")

Is there a way to achieve this? Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 17 July 2019, 12:09

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9 replies

I don’t believe this is currently possible with the Sonos/Google integration. My understanding is that routines are not supported on Sonos. It’s the same with Amazon Alexa Routines too.
Thanks Ken - at least this will save me from trying further to get this to work. Do you know whether it is planned to get this integration in the future?
Thanks Ken - at least this will save me from trying further to get this to work. Do you know whether it is planned to get this integration in the future?
I’m sorry I don’t know the answer to that, as Sonos rarely, if ever, comment on their development path. However I hope they will go onto fully support Routines, both from Amazon and Google as that would be useful.

In some instances, Alexa routines can be run, like switching on lights/plugs etc. but there is no support for music playback as you arrive home and say ‘Alexa I’m Home”, just as an example. I guess these things maybe on their “to do” list and it might simply be a case of priorities, but we shall have to see what happens. I think they are probably still rolling out the initial google integration to other countries at the moment.

So, my Sonos 1 (not a play 1) will play routines. However, I don’t think I can set the Sonos to play them by default. So if the home mini “hears” my routine command, it will play the routine. This seems like a really simple setting… not sure why these companies make the most straightforward uses of their products so difficult. 

I think I heard my Sonos Play 1 play my routine earlier this week, but I have no idea how it happened and haven’t been able to do it since. I have ditched the google mini and just drive things from my phone for Sonos integration via the google assistant.


This can be done with Alexa by making the command "play music on family room". This overrides which device you give the order to and goes through the routine in order...with playing the music on your sonos device and not your amazon device. 


This also works with Google. Under "Assistant will"... enter in the manual command of "play music on family room" or whatever your sonos device is called that you want the music to play on during your routine.



MrWeatherhead - thanks for your suggestion - not tried it yet, but worth a shot. I’ll let you know how it goes….

Meantime  - I’ve removed my Google Mini from the kitchen  - I have a Sonos Play 1 there named “Kitchen” - and rely on Google Home from my android phone now. This seems to be more reliable but sometimes if I say “Play BBC Radio Scotland in the kitchen” it will play BBC Radio Scotland (from TuneIn) on the Sonos Play 1 named “kitchen” and sometimes it simply displays a website on my phone which is to do with a BBC Radio Scotland program  - maybe “The Kitchen Cafe”.

Perhaps I need to say “Play BBC Radio Scotland in kitchen” missing out the “the”??


Anyway, thanks for your suggestion - which was for help with playing routines on the Play 1.

MrWeatherhead - can I use this method to

play my morning routine on the “kitchen” Play 1 

e.g. I set up a specific command “What’s on this morning in the kitchen”

I can see I might be able to get it to play a particular radio program on that speaker, but can I also get it to e.g. “tell me about my commute” - on the “kitchen” Play 1 speaker - there seems to be no option to say that I want the info about the commute to be played on the “kitchen” Play 1 speaker and I doubt the action “tell me about my commute in (the) kitchen” will work - but I’ll try! : )