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  • 2 November 2019
  • 3 replies

When I ask my sonos to play something it tells me that ‘family room is unavailable right now’


Any one able to tell me how I can fix this? 

thanks I’m advance

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3 replies

Hmmm, not a lot of information here to go on, but I’d try a simple refresh of the network for your Sonos to connect to. 

Unplug your Sonos devices from power. Reboot your router and give it a minute to come back up. Then plug your Sonos devices back in to the power, and wait another minute and test. 

If you continue to have issues, giving us more information might help us help you.

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I am having this issues from time to time, it looks like a some connection issue between Google and Sonos, not my local network.

Note that there is no data connection between Google and Sonos. When you tell your speakers to play the music, they reach out directly to Google to get the stream. There is no Sonos server involved.