Nest Audio only partly controlling Sonos

I am not sure if this is a bug, part of the lawsuit or what.

I have a Nest Audio.

I have Sonos Connect Amp powering two outdoor speakers.

Sonos is linked to my Google Home.

From the Nest Audio, I can tell it to change songs. That is it.

It seems it no longer adjusts the volume. It also will no longer play a different artist. For example, if I am listening to Van Halen, if I say "Ok Google, Play Pantera on Pool Radio", it says it can't do that on this device. If I say "OK Google, Next song", that works.

Trying to change volume as I said, does not work anymore either.

On my phone, if I say "OK Google, play Van Halen on Pool Radio", it will work.

Is there something with the Nest Devices that is now broke or a bug?

I removed the sonos, readded it, reauthorized YouTube Music. nothing.

 I tried a second Nest Audio, same thing. It will not do "Ok Google, Play "artist" on Pool Radio".

Seems it is just related to the Nest Audio.

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I factory reset a Nest Mini.  Same result.


I just reset the Connect Amp, uninstalled the app, reinstalled, linked it all back up.

Added back into Google...same thing.  I can't do that here but you can ask me to play it on one of your other devices