missing functionality for NZ

  • 12 December 2021
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Got the speakers based on voice command and True Tone….

only to find out that this functionality is not available in NZ….

I was also looking to add these speakers to a group using Google home, also not available in NZ…

I now have a nice pair of Dumb speakers…

Is there a workaround or hack?

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10 replies

There is better than a hack, but only if your speakers have a line in jack, as only the 5 does. On the other hand, True play what I think you mean, needs just an iDevice. Even a borrowed one will do.

Sorry …

google voice -fail

add speakers to google - fail

True Tone - fail

i have plug in … but I didn’t expect to buy another device to make “as advertised “ work, unless it’s free ???

If you have plug in and if alexa works there, get an Echo Dot and wire it in to the 5 unit. A Dot isn't free, but not too far from it. Unfortunately no google smart device has an output jack.

Why did True play - not tone - fail?

Google not Alexa …

Big fail on Smart speaker….

I have google home, 

what’s the point in a smart speaker tha needs to be hard wired to another provider????

Fail, Fail Fail….

There is a world outside NZ...


there is also marketing etiquette….

better to say here is a smart speaker with great features and functionality… but only in 2 countries and yours is not one of them….

so pay smart speaker functionality for dumb speakers that only reveal themselves after you have bought them…

thanks for your feed back Kumar, like the speakers, it’s a fail ….


Anyone else in NZ with a similar problem?

Surely they sold more than one set of speakers in NZ


Just a general point.  Sonos make multiroom speaker systems which are voice enabled (Alexa, GA and to a more limited extent, Siri).  Sonos do not manufacture Google devices.  If you expected Sonos to behave in every way like a Google device and to have all its functionality then you have misunderstood what is on offer.

That applies everywhere, not just in NZ.

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Maybe setting your country of origin to Australia still works:

This function not being implemented on Sonos in NZ is stated clearly on the Sonos website:

The link gets you to this page: https://support.sonos.com/s/article/3491?language=en_US

You could try connecting your Sonos devices with a Google Nest Mini. I do not know if this will work in NZ though.

Since your other point is Trueplay not working, can you elaborate on this? Trueplay does not depend on which country you live in, unless you see Android and iOS as different countries….

is there any one else, who is having this issue?