middle of night "Sorry, I don't understand"

  • 4 January 2022
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I see a few other posts about “Sorry, I don't understand issue” playing in the middle of the night from the assistant EVEN with the mic off. None of them have a solution!  This is happening to me and is maddening.  Please help

28 replies

I have a “good morning” routine that plays beach sounds, and exactly 12 hours later, every day, I get “sorry, I don’t understand”

It happens on my Sonos Move.

You can trigger it manually by saying “hey Google, play beach sounds” then note down the time.

Check 12 hours later and I will buy you a beer if it doesn’t say “Sorry, I don’t understand”

If you search for ‘Alexa routines not supported’ in the forum here, I’ve seen it mentioned that they are not fully supported by Sonos, even though some routines may work, so my thoughts are to use or create a playlist of the required sounds and perhaps start them with a Sonos daily Alarm instead and hopefully that will resolve the issue. See this link as an example I found (albeit it’s now quite an old thread)… 


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It happens to me with my Sonos Roam as well, Google Assistant says she didn’t understand but  in stead of playing the news in my Good morning routine, I tried it  on Google Assistant running on Android, using my SoundPeats TrueAir2 headphones connected to my    Huawei M5 Light  tablet and the routine works as it should