"It looks like [room] isn't available right now"

  • 6 August 2019
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I have three Sonos devices in my current setup, all connected to Google Assistant (GA). Two are Google One: gen 2's and I'm seeing some interesting behavior on one called "Master Bath."

To be clear:
  • GA works most of the time on each of them
  • In each case, GA is fully responsive through the target speaker, but says the device itself is "not available right now."
  • "Master Bath" is a unique name on the network
  • Master Bath is visible to the Google Home app and to the Sonos app when this happens
  • There is no outage currently reported at
Several times, I have started music (e.g. Ok, Google, play Led Zeppelin or stream MSNBC, etc.). Then, when I say, "Ok, Google, stop," it replies, "It looks like Master Bath is not available right now." Other times, it has been quiet (I stop the playing through the Sonos app in order to get it to stop), and I say, "Ok, Google, play Jack White," and it might also reply "It looks like Master Bath is not available right now." And I wonder, "If that's true... how is Master Bath replying to me right now?"

Any thoughts?

2 replies

I have same problem, only had it two days. Now doing my head in. Money back job
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Hi folks, this sounds like something best troubleshot over the phone or with our support team directly. They'll check out the network connection to that player and make sure there isn't anything else happening. The contact details for the team can be found here.