Issues with Voice Match & Multiple Accounts

  • 31 January 2022
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I have scoured these forums for different solutions here but to no avail.


I have a Sonos Arc soundbar set up and added to my google home.


The devices it created in the Home were “Sonos TV Control Soundbar” and “Soundbar”.


I enabled the google assistant and it works great with my account.


My wife is using iOS, and also has google home installed on her device.  we have a google mini speaker that will recognize her voice and mine as separate, which is the desired result.


On her account, when you go to the voice match settings, the Sonos soundbar is not listed as an available device to use with voice match.  There is an option to add a new device to voice match which i tried.  I had to log back into my sonos account and confirm adding the devices.


After I did this, I now have two “Sonos TV Control Soundbar” and “Soundbar” devices on my google home, but voice match does not work for her account, nor is it listed as an option for voice match in the google app.  


We are both managers on the account, and she is added as a family member, although I am not sure family members and household members are the same.


The issue is only with the Sonos assistant, other assistants on the same account and the same home are able to do voice match.  any idea what I could be missing here?

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