Issues after doing a reset

  • 13 February 2021
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Bought my Move about 8 months ago. Sounds great. 

Set it up and it worked perfectly with both Google Assistant and my YouTube Music Premium (so I could say, Ok Google, Play X and it work).  Everything was amazing. 

Then about a month ago, my Sonos was unresponsive (couldn’t connect to my network no matter what I did). So did a full reset so I could set it up as ‘new’ again. 

Since then, while the Move is back online and some of the services work, like:

YouTube Music Premium - works from the app

Relisten - works from the app

Sonos Radio - works from the app

There are now issues I can’t resolve. 

My SiriusXM Canada - does not work from the app anymore. Gives me an error in the app when I try to access a ‘channel’. Says, “Unable to play X - the connection to SiriusXM Canada was lost’ or when I try to view my favourites, it says, “Sorry, something went wrong, Please try again.”  

Ha - funny. As I typed this, tested this, it now shows a bar at the top of the app that says, “SiriusXM Canada is experiencing a full outage”. Ok then...we’ll come back to that later I guess. Side note, when I use the app, with that same login, it still works so not sure where that outage is happening….

Anyway, the biggest issues I’m having, which made me write this whole post cause it’s so frustrating, is that Google Assistant works for all kinds of stuff like turning my lights on but NOT to play music via YouTube Music. 

The error I hear is when I ask the Move, “Ok Google, play X” is “Alright, playing X on YouTube Music, Sorry, it looks like Sonos is unavailable right now’. 

Yes I have removed and readded Google Assistant. Did the same for both SiriusXM and YouTube Music. Yes, it’s premium and tied to the right account. 

Yes, I have made sure the default music service is YouTube Music

Now what? 


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1 reply

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Have you tried resetting the Sonos app under App Preferences and closing and re-opening the app?