I can't reach the internet right now check your modem and router connections and try again

  • 22 September 2021
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What the title says. when i say ok google this is the response. I can't reach the internet right now check your modem and router connections and try again. I have had no issues with my system or google assistant for maybe a year. All of the speakers will play music through the app but none work with google.

I have a my system connected wireless to a central netgear nighthawk 6700 on a 2.4ghz band both running on channel 1. no repeaters, no switches no mesh. I have 5 speakers with google assitant and none of them will connect.

so far i have:

updated the router and sonos app

rebooted the router, modem and speakers

changed my wireless channel to 1 on the router and sonos app

updated the router to allow guests to see each other and access my local network

updated my network in the sonos app

removed google assistant from a sonos One and tried re adding it. Google assistant then could not even find the device to add it. It did try to add to a different device that should have already had it, the assistant then froze. then just get an alert in the sonos app that says there was a problem adding google assistant.



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29 replies

I have the same problem since yesterday and did all the reboots…. Hope Sonos fix this soon!!!

Now back online. Thanks.

Please be a bit more transparent when services are down your end. It saves your customers lots of needless troubleshooting.

Mine is online again too, however, error message should include “router OR sonos server may be down”……



I'm running to this issue the whole day today? What is happening guys?