how do i stop google assistant using tunein

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I listen to my music through Sonos speakers and use Google assistant on  hubs to voice control these.

Up until this week BBC radio was available on TuneIn the radio app which Sonos used to radio stations. This now doesn't work which is fine as it advised I linked BBC sounds . I can listen to the BBC through the Sonos app all good. Problem is if I ask assistant to play BBC  radio 1 on sonos the reply is " playing BBC radio 1 from tune in " this results in silence .  I've deleted TuneIn from Sonos and it's still doing it. Even if I use the command "play BBC radio 1 from BBC" it either doesn't understand or just gives the same playing from TuneIn reply.  It also does it for all stations like radio X or heart . What command can I use or change stop assistant using TuneIn ?

Thanks sarah

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So I don’t know whether this is down to Sonos or Google or a bit of both. Point is, it’s not been fixed for over a year, so that’s a mark down to Google and Sonos both. I found this thread when trying to work out the same thing, and was pleased to find it’s not just me. It was the latest in a series of little niggles I have found with Google Assistant, which I really wanted to like but seems to have too many glitches. There’s an easy fix, though: I switched from Google Assistant to Alexa. All problems swept away. “Alexa, play BBC Radio 4” works. “Alexa, play Guards! Guards! on Audible” also works. And the voice responses are much faster from Alexa. Sorry Google -- sort your s**t out and I might come back, but in the mean time Alexa has stolen your crown.

My wife refuses to use an App to listen to the radio in the kitchen. [...] I have now [...] bought a radio for the kitchen.

Another option is to switch to Alexa. I tried that, and it works nicely.

Hi everybody,

For information we now have the same issue in france with France Inter  radio ( Radio France). 

It seem’s Radio France just stop the collaboration with tunein. But sonos keep on using Tunein to stream radio. I cannot find any solution to stream France inter radio using GOOGLE Assistant on Sonos roam and when asking “ hey google play france inter” ... 

What happens if you say “OK Google, play radio one on BBC Sounds’?

Doesn’t work