How do I disable Notifications on individual speakers?

  • 3 April 2021
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I have Sonos speakers in most of the rooms in my house. I also use Nest, for instance the Nest Hello doorbell. When someone rings it, there is a notification on all speakers 'someone's at the front door'. This is great, but I want the ability to switch this notification off in certain rooms, eg. the guest rooms.

I have one Nest Mini speaker in one of the rooms. It has a menu option in settings 'Notifications and digital wellbeing'. There I can switch on/off notifications and there will be no doorbell announcement. How can I do this on the Sonos speakers? 

2 replies

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Hi @TinTin69, thanks for reaching out.


In order to control where/when notifications happen through your Sonos speakers via the Nest integration you would have to set that in the Nest app. There is no such control inside of Sonos as Nest has simplyused our API to build that functionality in. I recommend getting in touch with Nest support to see where the per-device settings are located for third party speakers.

Hi there. Thanks for the reply. Nest doesn't have that functionality and never will as it ie handled by the individual speakers. I'm not only talking about Nest notifications but Google Assistant notifications in general. Google speakers can be switched on/off for any kind of notifications individually and that's what I was hoping for with Sonos as well.