How do I change my Sonos country to USA, so I can get Google Assistant?

  • 22 May 2019
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Where in my Sonos options do I select the country?
Or is this a case of needing to use a VPN temporarily?

I would like to change it to the USA so I can enable Google Assistant.

I imagine this means I'll start hearing dates in the wrong order, and temperature in fahrenheit, but I can put up with that for the time being until GA is launched in Australia.

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9 replies

Scroll down this community page and find the link that says "Manage Your Account". There, you can change your country to the United States. You don't need a valid address, only the country is a mandatory field, just leave the address blank.
And no worries, your GA will behave like you're used to, with the temperature units and date notation of the civilized world 😉 Those settings are with Google, not Sonos. I'm in Europe and it will speak Dutch over Sonos just as easily as it does over Google Home speakers.
This didn't seem to work for me. I changed the country to US but when I tried to connect via Google home it still says support not available for my country. 😞
Regardless of the setting, GA can deduce your approximate location.
Regardless of the setting, GA can deduce your approximate location.

Would that matter? The restriction to USA seems to be set by Sonos, not Google.

I changed my Sonos location to USA, but all my Google info is set up as Australia - and Google Assistant was enabled fine.

I'm disappointed that it's taking so long for Sonos to enable it in other markets outside the USA.
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I had my settings changed to USA before GA became available in my country (using it in my native language, Dutch). After GA became available on Sonos in the Netherlands I changed it back. I perceived no difference in the (stil far from perfect) workings of GA.

I'm not sure what the reasoning is for Sonos behind the slow roll out of GA.
i am trying to get this working on my new MOVE (i am in Belgium) - changed the sonos app location into NL/BE/USA but google assistant fails to add SONOS as a new device...after log on request through the app it says "service unavailable in your country." annoying. what is a key setting here - GA or sonos app?
can someone from sonos confirm which countries/languages is GA available in?
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You say you changed the Sonos app location? Did you change your location in your Sonos account on ?
You can change it to the US or the Netherlands.

Het Nederlandse forum vind je hier:
Ik lees dat je de gegevens in de Sonos app aangepast hebt. Heb je je woonplaats in je accountgegevens op de website veranderd, zie
Yes using your link my address is set to United States but I still cannot activate GA neither via sonos app (no voice menu) nor via GA/home app (links to Sonos. App but eventually I get voice services unavailable in your country)
ok i tried next day and googles Home did add Move speaker so something worked out (address in ? was set to USA). GA works now