Has anyone found a way to actually get Google Assitant to play music on Sonos?

  • 22 December 2020
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Hey google play the highway on sirius XM.. 

Answer: sure, playing the highway on Sirius XM.. sorry it looks like Sirius XM isn't currently supported on the livingroom (Sirius XM is linked in both google assistant and Sonos S2)


Hey google play Christmas music

Answer: alright, Christmas hits on YouTube music, playing on livingroom.. sorry I can't find what you asked for. (YouTube music is linked in Google assistant and Sonos S2)


My google mini has no problem with either command. 

My google Sonos speakers respond as above. 

My google best hub which has my Sonos speakers set as it's default audio device responds as above.. so it's the playing on Sonos part that fails. 


Anyone have a solution ? 







7 replies

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Wow I'm not completely illerate I was just typing and walking. Can anyone edit my topic to "Has anyone found a way to actually get google assitant to play music on sonos?" It doesn't seem to let me edit it. 

I’m having the same issue.  Did you ever find an answer to this issue?  





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Nope.. I've basically given up.. 


Curious is your YouTube music account an @gmail or a gsuite ? 

Mine is a gmail.


I can get sirius to play through my sonos but not via Google Home Assistant.  :(



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Yea same. If plays through the app, just can't ask for it by voice. 


I did find a work around but it's cumbersome.. requires extra equipment and only plays chanels you want to specifically take the time to configure and on the specific speaker you want to take the time to configure it for…

My Lutron caseta hub, for some reason integrates with Sonos.. because the light controler playing music for some reason is a thing people need? But in this case it's the only thing making things work.. you can create scene in Lutron that play one of the favorites you have setup in your Sonos app, on a specific Sonos speaker or group of speakers..

So I created a scene that plays Sirius chanel 56 the highway on all of my main floor speakers... Another scene that plays that chanel on all of my upstairs speakers. And yet another that plays that chanel on every speaker in the house ... I then set google assistant routines for "play the highway" which triggers the whole home scene,  "play the highway upstairs" which triggers the upstairs scene etc.. it works, but you have to seperatly create a scene and a routine for every chanel you want to be able to play, for every speaker configuration you want it to play on.. AND you have to remember what's what.. if you simply set it to be called "play the highway" and you say the command to a speaker upstairs for example... It's still going to play downstairs instead of upstairs because that's how you created the scene. It's not ideal.. but it works.

Wow….good for you for finding that workaround but sheeshhhh...that IS a lot of work. :)

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Yea I've litterally only set it up for that one chanel that I listen to the most.