Google Nest Hub > Sonos default speaker

  • 17 December 2019
  • 3 replies


I’m a newbie and have a Google Nest hub, but need better sound quality. I would prefer to change the default speaker in the hub to a Sonos but with which Sonos is this possible, only with the portable with bluetooth?

A friend of mine had an old Sonos speaker but I didn't see it in the menu of the hub to automatically stream all music to it.


Thanks Vince

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3 replies

Currently, you can’t setup Sonos as a default speaker.  You would have to specify the speaker by name to play to it.  For example, “Hey Google, play music on living room sonos”.


FYI, Amazon Alexa did not have default speakers with Sonos originally as well.  It did not come out till about a year later.

Thank you melvimbe !

Ok, I understand so if I specify the speaker by name it wil play music but just to be sure a Sonos SL will do that also ? Because I do need a second microphone in the same room…



I've also been looking for a solution. What I came up with won't work for everyone but it's a neat one for me. In my kitchen I have a connect:amp, connected to ceiling speakers. I also have a new nest hub. Obviously I wanted set the connect:amp as the default speaker for the the hub, which isn't possible. So I connected an old Chromecast Audio I had as aline-in input to the amp. I then set the default speaker for the hub to be the Chromecast audio. This works perfectly. Unfortunately, Google have discontinued the Chromecast audio.