Google Hub / Arc / Spotify Integration

  • 29 September 2021
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Hi, I am trying to understand the capabilities playing Spotify (free) on google hub and Arc.  Specifically I’d like to be able to request a station (or a music type) on the Hub and ask it to play on the Arc.  Or start it on the Hub and move it to the Arc.  It works sometimes and other times I get message from the Hub saying its not available for Sonos. 


Cant figure out what should or should not work.  I have the same free spotify account linked to both devices as my default music players and same google assistant account, etc.  I am wondering if the content being pulled on the Hub is sometimes not available for the Arc for whatever reason even though they are both using the same Spotify account?   Or maybe there’s another reason?




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2 replies

You need a compatible music ‘paid subscription’ service to initiate any audio playback using a voice assistant (Google or Alexa) -

For those ‘free’ services, like Spotify, once music playback has been started, then you can use voice-control to stop/pause and skip tracks etc. (but note that skipping is also limited to 6 tracks per hour).

Thanks for your reply.  Having played around with it more I seem to be able to initiate playlists using the voice assistant on the Hub and then tell it to play it on the Sonos Arc successfully most of the time.  When it doesnt work I think it is interpreting my request to be for the specific song playing on the Hub not the playlist (but I’m guessing, maybe I’m wrong) which it rejects.  The one bug i have noticed is verbal commands to the Hub to stop/pause, raise Sonos volume all work but if I use the Hub’s on screen icons to adjust volume it consistently mutes the Sonos instead.  The pause/play, skip buttons work fine.  Anyway passing that along in case any one else comes across something similar