Google Home mini doesn't link to spotify

  • 22 September 2019
  • 2 replies


I'm from Sweden and we just got the Google Voice functionalty.

I can't get the Google Home mini service to work with my Sonos. It says that my Spotify Premium account is not linked correctly.

I've checked numerous times that it is the same Spotify and Google account in Google Home and Sonos.

However it works perfect when using voice commands to Google Assistent on my phone, just not using Google Home Mini?

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2 replies

I actually got to work for a while, happily changed songs three or four times, then it says my Spotify account is not linked correctly all of a sudden again.

Using the Google Assistant on my phone works every time.

I'm not using them at the same time, I only start the Google assistant on my phone when Google Home mini doesn't work.

Sorted it out, I think it was because a member in my Google Home also had a Spotify account.

One could think that it should not be a problem, but after I removed that member it works.