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  • 21 August 2021
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Hi, i would like to use the Google Assistant broadcast voice messages with voice match in my Google Home family.
The Google Home family has Sonos speakers and Google Home Minis.
I want to use the Broadcast voice messages with these Sonos speakers. And i want to active voice match for every family member.

The problem is, that my Sonos Account is set up in the Google Home Family and the speakers are only belongs to my Google Account. The Sonos speakers are not shared to the other family members. So, if you start a broadcast voice messages from the Google Home mini the message is only played on a other Google Home Speaker and not on a Sonos speaker, because the Google Home minis are shared in the family but the Sonos speaker not. There is a setting in the Google Assistant App. There you can see that all speakers appear in my Google Account. The other family members only see the Google Home Minis. The Google Home Minis are shared in the family, but the Sonos speakers are not.

The question is, how can i share the Sonos speakers in my Google Home Family, so that every family member can use this speaker with voice match.

This problem is really difficult to explain. I hope anybody unterstand me. Thanks. :)

2 replies

The Sonos devices are ‘works with Google’ devices and so they do have limited functionality. Only some things from the Google ecosystem have been implemented on Sonos products so far and they currently relate to music services playback (mostly). The broadcast feature is not currently supported and no announcement has been made by either company to say that it will, well not at this moment in time.

It seems neither company announce their development roadmap in advance either, so there’s no telling if this feature will be included at any stage going forward. It’s a matter of ‘wait and see’ if the powers that be, decide to provide these (and other) features requested by their customers.

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In my simpler set up (all Sonos speakers, a Home mini and a Nest Mini that has a Symfonisk as a prefered speaker, all on the same GA account) broadcast does work. I use it daily to call my children to the dinner table.