Google Assistant too loud and too sensitive on Arc

  • 16 August 2021
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I have set the volume of my Arc to 50% for watching TV. For music this would be way too loud, but the level of TV sound is lower somehow, so 50% is just right.

However, this also influences Google Assistant - the replies are very loud as well, and what’s even worse, the microphone is ultra sensitive! Seems like this is also adjusted by the overall volume.

The Arc is in my living room, and I have a Move in my kitchen. Both speakers are ~20 ft apart (including a wall), but when I am in the kitchen and try to give a command to the Move, the Arc replies :-( Sensitivity is already at -2 for the Arc, and +2 for the Move, but that doesn’t help.


I know that the Assistant volume cannot be set separately, but for the Arc this would be absolutely necessary...


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6 replies

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What model TV is the Arc connected to? What audio are you getting out of the Arc? Stereo PCM? Dolby Digital Plus?

My TV doesn’t have eARC, so it’s connected via Optical Audio. I had a Playbar before (connected via optical audio), and I also had to set the Playbar to 50% volume (which was not a problem, since no Google Assistant).

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What model TV do you have? Maybe we can make some adjustments to your setup/settings so you don’t have to set the volume at 50%. My Arc volume is normally set below 25%.

I have a Samsung HU6900. I switched Dolby Digital Compression from “HF” to “Line”, and now the output is a little louder (I can set the Arc to ~35% volume). Apart from that, there’s not much more I can change in the settings.

Overall, this is a workaround, but does not fix the problem. It probably makes sense that the microphone is more sensitive when the volume is high and something is playing. However, when nothing is playing and it is silent, the microphone sensitivity should be rather low.


Anyway, thanks for your help :-)

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I believe your TV is equipped with HDMI ARC (HDMI IN 4). You might consider connecting the Arc to the HDMI ARC port to see if it makes a bigger difference with the volume.

Tried the HDMI ARC also, but the volume level is the same as with the optical out.