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  • 10 February 2020
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After streaming music I ask google to “switch to TV” to return to TV sound. Google tells me that she can not help with that. Anyone having same issue and does anyone know the correct command or a solution?


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20 replies


I started to experience the same issue a couple of days ago. I’ve tried reseting my network and fully reconnecting my two Play devices and Playbar, but Google Assistant will not switch audio to tv via voice commands. It’s really frustrating.

Hello @JoeB12344 , and @sonosbeliever415. Welcome to the community. It sounds like you both may be experiencing some issues with CEC on your TV. As a first step, please reboot your TV’s and both your Beams by unplugging them from power and then plugging them back in.  Once that is done, try giving Google a command, what happens? 

We would like to have you both submit a diagnostic of your system and reply back with the confirmation number. This will allow is to see how your system is functioning, and help provide a resolution.

I look forward to hearing from you both. 


Hi @Richard F. , 


I will attempt these instructions later at home. However, I do not have a Sonos Beam, but a Sonos Playbar.

The issue has not been resolved. I still have to manually switch back to tv from the Sonos app. I submitted a Diagnostic. 931974418

I have had the same issue for a month now, and now I’m kinda fed up with it. I’ve tried to reset router, unplug sonos beam power cord, and other stuff.

I remember when I first got the beam, i was able to turn on and off the tv with voice commands. Now it doesnt work to turn it off. Seems like it’s only getting worse and worse.

Please send updates to fix these issues!!!!!

Joe, thank you for sending that diagnostic. Your Beam is currently connected to your TV via the optical adapter, which is not capable of sending voice commands to your TV. Are you able to connect your Beam to the TV via HDMI-ARC? 


Welcome to the Community @Haavi88. Would you mind submitting a diagnostic for me, so I can see how your Beam is communicating on the network? 



Hi, my Sonos Playbar is connected to my TV via optical cable and I have a Google nest which I use to control the Playbar. For months I have been saying;

"Hey Google, switch Sonos to TV."

And it works no problem. However, this week it has randomly started replying with;

"Sorry I don't know how to help with that yet."

When this is not the case because it has been working fine for months. I am not asking the Playbar to control the TV via optical but to simply have Google nest switch the input of the Playbar as it used to up until last week.


Hello @AshleyG. Welcome to the Community. I understand that you are having some issues switching to TV audio. It sounds like the problem is upstream of the Playbar, as it doesn’t have the ability to receive voice commands on its own. That being said, it seems to me that this could be an issue with your Google Nest. You may find the answer to your question on Google’s forums, which can be found here.


Other members of the Community may chime in here to help as they may have a similar setup, and be able to provide some assistance. 


Hi @Richard F., I continue to be having issues with my Playbar + Two Sonos Ones.


For example, when this used to work, I would have TV Autoplay turned off which would allow me to say, “Hey Google, set the audio to the tv.” that would result in the audio being output alongside with what my TV is visually outputting. 


This has not been the case for over a month, and it seems to be without any resolution in sight. My diagnostic number is 1821531683. Your assistance in fully resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated!


Hello again, thank you for providing that information. We are aware of this issue, and are investigating this issue with Google on implementing a fix. When the issue is resolved we will update this thread. 


In the meantime, you can switch your voice control service to Alexa to control your speakers with your voice. Let me know if you have any questions. 

Hi I have the same issue with GA. I have the tv on. I tell my Beam/GA to play music. That works. TV is still on, and I ask Beam/GA to switch input back to TV and it tells me that it doesn’t know how to. It used to work, but not as of 2/20/2020. 


@Richard F. The issue is not exclusive to Google Assistant, the same issue persists with Amazon Alexa. Please let me know when Sonos expects their devices to function as advertised.

Hi all - I posted about the same issue here: LINK

I’ve had to repeatedly tell Sonos support that it’s not an HDMI-ARC or CEC issue - I hope the message has got through now that it’s about switching the input on the device itself, not the inputs to any other device in the system.


Frustratingly unprofessional of Sonos to not be able to diagnose and deliver on a resolution to this issue in over a month. The communication has been that of a lowly start-up, not a highly successful organization. Sonos has quickly lost its spot as my favorite audio brand….


@Richard F. Do you have any updates to this recurring issue? If not, please escalate this ticket to someone who will be of assistance.


@Richard F. , this is an ongoing issue that is not being serviced. As a long-time customer of Sonos, this is appaling service. At least keep us in the loop of when to expect a fix. This drops the product from a 10/10 to a 5/10. I literally have lost the functionality that made this product fantastic. 

Hi again. I understand how frustrating this can be for you. We are working with Google on implementing a fix. At this time, we have no more information to share, or provide a time frame. We do appreciate your continued patience until this issue has been resolved. 

I am experiencing the same issue.

Very, very, very frustrating, I must say.

I mean changing the audio input is one of the most basic thing you could think of. How has this not been more prioritized?

Just checked today, still not working.  Did all updates on Sono’s site.  So is it working?  So-nos, not working.  Pun intended!

Still not working here.