Google Assistant support in New Zealand

  • 5 October 2019
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Hi, wondering when Google Assistant support is coming to New Zealand? It's available in Australia... seems strange to not be available in NZ. When purchased my Sonos gear was under understanding that Google Assistant support was coming - would be great if roadmap for NZ could be provided. Cheers

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5 replies

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You can change your place of residence in your Sonos account via the Sonos website to anywhere GA is enabled. Then it’ll work.
Thanks 106rallye - that worked. Appreciate the help. Hope Sonos make the integration more user friendly soon.

Hi… Stumbled across this trying to get my Sonos to work with assistant in NZ. I logged into Sonos website and changed my location to Australia (and also tried USA) as suggested. When I try and add Assistant as a service to Sonso it still says not available in your country.

I changed my country in the profile / account section on the Sonos website. Presume that is the only location that the country setting?

I have Google home devices that I use without any issues. Even though technically Google Home and Google Home Hub are still not supported in NZ.

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@momenymagic Please check first that your Sonos devices are GA capable. If that’s the case you change your location on the Sonos website and then see if there’s an update for your speakers. That’s what worked for me back in may 2019.

Thanks for that… I have worked it out. It’s actually nothing to do with Sonos settings and it is to do with recent (last week or so) update to Google Home and Google Assistant app. Google seems to have split the two and the settings are now all within Assistant. Previously within Google Home main app. 

So my fix involved setting the Google Assistant language to Australia and also adding Australia language to the overall phone settings. You also have to make the Australia language within the phone general settings the default language as well. Naturally the country you set in Sonos should also be Australia.

If anyone else has that issue this may be useful as finding info on Google Home related issues in NZ is very hard. Largely as it is not supported here. Off course when Google change everything again it will probably require completely different steps.