Google Assistant support for multiple homes with single Sonos account?

I switched all of my Sonos devices at my upstate home this weekend from Alexa to Google Assistant (2x Beam and 2x Sonos One) and everything worked great and controlled all of those as well as my 3x Connect:Amp devices. The Beam CEC control to turn on and off TVs with Google works great!

I attempted to update the Beam and Sonos One at my apartment when I returned to the city and when I run through the process, the Google Assistant app fails to find any devices.

My apartment setup has the same Sonos account with the latest firmware updates, same Google Account (which is configured for two homes) and is on the the same UniFi networking equipment (different SSIDs).

Are there any known limitations with a single Sonos account at multiples homes? There shouldn't be any limitations on the Google side as I have Ecobee thermostats at Google Home locations. The only other difference is that that I don't have any "real" Google products like a Home Mini at my apartment, so I'm wondering if a regular Google device needs to be a home hub to set up non-Google devices.


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Anyone else have setup Google Assistant with multiple locations?

Can anyone that works at Sonos able to confirm the expected behavior?
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Hi Sean, the Google Assistant integration with Sonos is designed to link one Google Account with a single Sonos household. In the apartment, you're likely running a different Sonos household ID (which is expected for different systems). This is why you're having trouble.

The best thing you can do is to either have two Google Accounts, or try to merge your two Sonos households. Merging the households involves bringing a speaker from one location to the other and resetting one of the two systems. Then rebuilding the location using the speaker from the other house as an existing system. It's a little tricky and will delete any playlists and settings you have on the system you're merging.
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And the other way around: splitting?

I have a Playbar, Sub and 2 Play:1's and I used them as a set. But some time ago I've taken the Play:1's and brought them to my other house. I use the same Sonos account and the same Google account. When I ask Google Assistant to play something on the Playbar, it starts playing in the house where I first setup Google Assistant.

Strange thing is that the Google Assistant setup in my second house looked like to go properly, no errors. But no Sonos speaker appeared in my list of the other location.

I've tried to split the system by creating a new Sonos account (for the 2 Play:1's in my second home) and then setup Google Assistant but that didn't work either. :(

It's no option for me to create a second Google account since both homes are smart homes with lots of other smart devices. E.g. I can control lights, switches and thermostats for both locations in one Google account.

How strange is it that I can not use Google Assistant on Sonos on both locations?
Is this a Google limitation? Of a design choice by Sonos?
And will it be possible in the (near) future? I guess it's a matter of time and more customers will have the the same need.

Is there another workaround for this problem?
Also affected by this limitation as I have both an apartment and a summerhouse. Just to confirm:

- Two Sonos systems at two different locations
- Two Google Home homes configured
- One Sonos account
- One Google account
- Only able to configure Google Assistant on speakers in one system/home as it seems like Sonos can only be linked once from Google Home

Have discovered this limitation myself in trying to setup both my house and my parents house. 


Looks like I'll have to use separate Google accounts and try it that way. I just need to be able to retain the 'admin' type access and control as I'll be maintaining things not the pensioner age parents. 


Question is - is this a Google limitation or a Sonos one? I have one Alexa device not two so not sure if I can test that out to see if it will work? 

Have the same problem with two homes, really irritating

Same exact problem. Sonos please help! 

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Same exact problem. Sonos please help! 

Personally, I’m not sure how this would work. If it was possible to have a single Sonos Account across multiple locations linked to a single Amazon account, it would mean that:

  1. You would need to ensure that there are no duplicate device names, groups or Sonos Rooms - Only one kitchen, etc;
  2. Anybody in either location could play music, set alarms in either location - either by mistake or for a laugh!

I can understand the frustration about creating multiple accounts for multiple locations but the problems associated with single linked accounts across multiple locations would introduce a nightmare.  When Alexa integration was first released, I helped someone who lived on the east coast of the US and whose partner lived on the west coast.  They had mixed up their initial account registration between Amazon and Sonos and a voice request on one system would start playing music in the other, not great with the time difference!

You bring up great points, However, Sonos & Google Assistant seem to be the only primary  platform combo we're having this problem with. No issues with Sonos & Alexa across multiple homes. Google Assistant can handle multiple Nest homes, multiple homes for Honeywell thermostats, etc. Sonos can handle multiple homes. It seems like we just need a the right Sonos developers to talk with the right Google developers, recreate this problem & then solve this quickly for all. 

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Hi, since I have the same problem too, is there a way to open a bug to sonos in order to ask to fix it? 

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Same issue.  Very frustrating. Please fix!

Same problem here. Two homes with each running extensive Sonos systems connected to a single Sonos account, one Google account. Google allows you two setup multiple homes for the purpose of connected devices and google assistant. Sonos recognizes multiple networks on a single account BUT only allows one of the Sonos home groups (aka collection of Sonos products on a single network) to work within the google ecosystem at a time (as evidenced by how it forces you to select one when you link Sonos to Google home).


It seems like a programming issue that should be easy to fix; however, it’s probably not a top priority for Sonos or Google because only being able to use a voice assistant in ONE of your multiple homes that has expensive Sonos equipment is up there in isolated first-world wypipo problems. 

I have the same problem; pointing it out to jog this thread to the top again in hopes someone from Sonos is listening. I hope it is a Sonos programming problem, because I think they are likely to be more responsive than Google.

Has anyone actually tried Ryan’s solution in the second response? Given that I would be merging the systems, would I still have be able to have two different music libraries on each system (music is on a NAS that is local to each location)?

Given that Sonos focuses on the high end of the market where many of us  likely  have multiple homes and/or home and office setups… maybe there will be an eventual solution? I don’t want to switch to Alexa...