Google Assistant & Spotify issues with basic functions, recent changes?

  • 1 September 2022
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Hi all,


In the past few months I have noticed some major negative changes in how we have to communicate with our Sonos system for Spotify.

I have a Sonos Arc+2x One SL+Sub, 1x One in Sitting room, 1x One in Office, and a Sonos Roam.

Ever since I got the system a few years ago I could simply say “Hey google, play music/ specific song” etc. and it would play on the speaker that heard me say Hey Google.

In the past months every time I ask it to do anything it always askes me “I also need to know which device to use. Try saying that again and include the devices name”.

This never used to happen, and even when I try include the devices name, about 50% of the time it says the same thing even though I use the speaker name. My wife is ready to throw the system out.

This is with Every. Single. Spotify command. even just “Turn volume down” or “stop music”.

Is there a way to disable having to include the devices name?

Is this a feature that changed recently that anyone else has to deal with?

Any help would be appreciated to save my marriage.

3 replies

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My system does sometimes ask for a specific player. Most times it does not - it's on and off, so to speak.

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I have 2 Moves in diff rooms, pretty far apart.  I have had major issues with Google Assistant and Spotify with both of them (in the last few days} but now, one of them “asks” for this exact thing every time and the other is responding without asking for device etc.  Any ideas?  I have rebooted them and reauthorized Spotify and removed and reinitiated Google Assistant several times.  Any help would be appreciated

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Update, Spent about 45 min “chatting” with Sonos to fix my Google Assistant issues.  Talked me thru removing Sonos from Google Home App and removing and adding GA.  After all that, it works!  My 2 Moves now work perfectly without “asking” which device to use or saying “to play media, say play pop music…….”  Highly recommend chatting with them.  They thought it was a glitch caused by an update maybe.  Key step I think was “unlinking” or removing from GA App