Google Assistant - Sonos Beam "device isn't available right now"

  • 16 May 2019
  • 6 replies

Just set up Google assistant on my Sonos Beam - assistant recognizes my commands like add Milk to shopping list, but when I ask it to play a artist on Spotify it tries and then says - "device isn't available right now" . I can play Spotify music through Sonos app on all speakers including the Beam.

I have removed the Google assistant from the Beam and added it back just to see if that fixed it. I did change the name of the device during the process of setting it up.

Has anyone run into this error and figured out how to fix it.

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6 replies

GA is currently unavailable due to ongoing outage.
Well that's just weird. GA works fine on my One but only partially on my beam. It will tell me what's playing but if I try to skip I get the "looks like the lounge (my beam name) isn't available right now" message. Bloody annoying ESP as my beam is my main unit. 😡
Unique names for all your smart devices is the first thing to check when you start seeing wonky responses like this. If you have a light named "Lounge" and a Beam named "Lounge", chaos can ensue.
Thanks. They all have unique and different names.
Hi. Has anyone figured out how to solve this problem? I’ve been having the same issue time and again with my pair of Sonos Ones.
It really seems to be a communication problem between Google Assistant and Sonos. GA can answer questions, and music can be played over Wifi. However, GA will not play music using Sonos (through Spotify, TuneIn, etc.).
Hi guys,

Just made an account to post this, so do hope it works for others - this happened to me after I unplugged and switched a few things round in my house. Fixed it by going into advanced settings, and toggling on 'Control from other devices', which had reset to off for me. I use a Sonos One with a Google Home controller.

Hope this helps!