Google Assistant slows down extremly since adding a second Sonos One to existing system

  • 8 August 2022
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Hi all,

I worked with assistant for about 2 yrs. now in the living room on  Playbar-Sub-One (Rear) setup. We upgraded now the play:1 to Sonos One and SL in the kitchen one week ago, to get convience with assistant too. 

The distance between both speakers is about 5 meters, with a wall in between.

Since the adding of the One in the kitchen, we encounter strange messages from Google like:

  • no setup for room
  • extremly slow performance in executing commands (about 10-15 secs)
  • “your command is not supported yet”

Does anyone has experience with this issue? It’s really annoying. It took me a long time to convince my wife, but now I’m angry on myself - waiting 15sec to get the light on or stop music.

PS: Sonos App is working well, like before.

kr, Thomas

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1 reply

What are you seeing in the Google Home App, have you put the speakers into ‘rooms’ in your Google Home?