Google assistant responds on both phone and Sonos one

  • 5 August 2019
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I have 2 Sonos ones and a Sonos beam all in different rooms. In general they all work beautifully. I was really looking forward to google assistant since I use this with various other devices. However I've run into a problem which is if my phone (Galaxy S8) in the same room as one of my Sonos devices, both the Sonos and my phone will respond to a hey Google command. I've searched all the various support forums and, surprisingly, I've yet to see this specific issue discussed. My devices are all up to date software - wise and I use the same email address for all my devices and phone. The devices are all found on google home as well. They do respond correctly to commands. The only issue is that both my phone and a device will respond if near to each other, which happens frequently since I tend to keep my phone nearby. How do I fix this? Thanks.

4 replies

Hi Matt, I am having the EXACT same problem.
I know this does NOT happen with Google speakers (Google says your phone should go back to sleep, giving priority to the Home speaker you've enabled with the Assistant).
HOWEVER, this seems to be a BUG with the Sonos smart speakers.
I've tried everything, as far as ensuring the ACCOUNTS for Google Assistant, Google Home, and Sonos are THE SAME. The problem persists.
I really hope the Sonos dev teams reads this thread, because it is a HUGE problem!
Sonos, please fix this.
Best I've come up with is configuring Google assistant on my phone to only respond with voice for hands-free searches. You can find that in the assistant settings.
Thanks. That is a limited way to fix the problem since it would preclude using Assistant through my phone. In my mind, Google and Sonos need to get together and make the same type of behaviour with Google Home available to third -party smart speakers such as Sonos.
I have exactly the same problem!!

It used to work flawlessly until a few weeks ago when both my phone and Sonos started to respond to the Assistant commands/queries simultaneously. Really annoying.