Google assistant problem. content isn't available

If I ask google home mini located in the kitchen to play a specific song in another room, ie living room, it says that the content isnt available and it cant perform that action. Cant remember the actual words used. But if I go into the sonos app and search the song, it is available and can be played. Is there any way around this?

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I’ve noticed similar issue when asking Google Assistant on my Beam to play some specific albums (usually film soundtrack), but it works fine when doing the same query on Google Mini (where playback is done on Google Mini) or when asking playback to be done on Chromecast. I’m located in France and do my request in French but this translate to :

  • on Beam: “ok google, listen to “Reine des neiges” (ie Frozen)” => “ok, I’ll play “Reine des neiges” on Deezer” => “sorry, I can’t play this”
  • on Beam: “ok google, listen to “Reine des neiges” on Chromecast” => “ok, I’ll play “Reine des neiges” on Deezer on Chromecast => it starts the playback properly
  • on Google mini: “ok google, listen to “Reine des neiges” => “ok, I’ll play “Reine des neiges” on Deezer” => playback starts on Google mini
  • on Google mini: “ok google, listen to “Reine des neiges” on Sonos => “ok, I’ll play “Reine des neiges on Deezer on Sonos” => “sorry, I can’t plan this”

Of course, playback from Sonos application works fine. Google Home is properly setup in French (France) as language. This is extremely furstrating because some queries always work (listen to “Queen”) but very often, asking for a specific album fails (it seems to be more often for soundtracks, when we don’t state the exact name of the album, even if the response properly states Google Assistant found the right album to play.

I am having exactly the same problem 
This is on YouTube music 
I have two sonos SL and one  
They are paired for stereo and unhappy that I can't play the music I want
When I say hey google play latino music on YouTube music it says playing Latin music and then it says sorry can't find what you're looking for.
I am in Australia. And have tried running the one on Ethernet and nothing the same message
Are the developers looking into this? Is there an eta?

Hey guys, I’m getting the same issue with certain artists (e.g “City and Colour” and “Jimi Hendrix”). I have actually tried GA with Deezer and YouTube Music and have had the same issue others reported.

It looks to me like a music catalogue region mismatch between Google and Sonos.

The reason why I say this is because I noticed that when I had issues with YouTube Music, in the Sonos controller app it attempted to play the song but gave an error about the location of where the music was being played.

PS I am in Australia. It would be interested to note whether this is an issue for users outside of the US.

Maybe somewhere in the integration a US region is hard coded or assumed?

Still broken. I wonder when the new Google Home speaker is out.


Hi, can we please get a status update from the sonos developers as to progress and timelines for a fix? 

I’ve got the same problem with the BBC radio stations now as well. “Sorry I can’t find what you are looking for.” It works via the Sonos app.

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I have done some more testing. For clarity I am using SONOS S1 software. I have the family plan for Google Play Music/You Tube Premium

I have multiple rooms with SONOS and each room has a Google Home Hub (or Home Hub Max) that I use for voice control.

Each Home Hub has the SONOS device in that room set as the default speaker. 

The default music provider is set to Google Play Music in the Google Home app/Google Assistant app

Each room gives the same results. 

“Hey Google, Play the Beatles” - it works

“Hey google, Play Jimi Hendrix” - it does not work

When the default speaker for the room is set to the Google Home Hub in that room then It works flawlessly and I can listen to Jimi Hendrix with no problems. That would point to a problem with the integration between SONOS and Google since the search works for some artists but not others. As you might expect I can oplay Jimi Hendrix normally from the SONOS app search and also using the Google Play Music app.

Furthermore, when I change the default music provider (in the Google Home App/ Google Assistant app) to Spotify it works and I can play Jimi Hendrix. When I set it to You Tube Music it also works but it only played 3 Hendrix songs from random compilation albums so not an ideal solution. When the default music provider was set to “No Default (use the accounts preference on the shared devices)” It responds with “playing Jimi Hendrix from Google Play Music on *SONOS room name*, sorry I can’t find what you are looking for” and fails to play. 

In ALL situations I am unable to play BBC radio. It always says ‘playing BBC Radio 4 from Tune In on *SONOS room name*, sorry I can’t find what you are looking for” even when I have removed Tune In as a service in the SONOS app. 

Diagnostic number: 1635529013




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Oh goodness, @mmca22gr, I couldn’t possibly comment but I hope not.

Have you tried asking for Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Al Green or Smoky Robinson?

If you specify the music service you are looking to play from in the voice command, e.g. “Hey Google, play Marvin Gaye on Spotify”, does anything change at all?

Does playback behave differently on the Sonos One than it does on the rest of your system?    

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It is not limited to radio / tune in

i can do everything from the app

i can say ‘hey google Play The Beatles’ it works !!

then say ‘hey google Play Jimi Hendrix’ it does not

then say ‘Hey google, play Elvis’ it works !!


is Google racist?


i just did this 15 mins ago in Garden Room

diagnostics 1019396085




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Hello @mmca22gr,

Thank you for reaching out with your Google Assistant issue. 

Are you able to start playback manually via the Sonos app and control the volume or pause/restart via Google Assistant?

Is it possible to add a different radio tuner or service to Google and to Sonos to see if the same behavior reoccurs on a different source?

This is an on going issue that we are working to fix although it may be possible to side-step this by using My Tuner or another service rather than Tune-In.   


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I have the same problem 

Usually my wife asks Google home to play radio in the room with SONOS as the default speaker - been working for a long time and only recently stopped working

this has stopped working. I can sometimes play a specific song  - The Beatles, Long and Winding Road.for example

If I change the default player to be the Google Home Hub then the Tunein Radio station plays no problem. Set the default speaker to be the SONOS device and it says “Sorry I can’t find what you asked for”. Clearly a SONOS integration issue

I have Google Play music set as default on Google devices and a paid account ilinked n SONOS. 

my wife has recently taken a radio out of storage - that is how bad it is.

diagnostic number: 496725888


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The Sonos development teams do work in mysterious ways but I am inclined to believe so.

Thank you for providing additional information on this playback behavior. 



Hi Jean, 

Thanks for your reply. Does this mean that the sonos developers are looking into the code to solve this? 

Worth noting, on a Google support site there seems to be other users who have issues with playback when sonos is set as the default speaker:

Many thanks 


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Hello @nathan.a,

Thank you for all the leg-work you have done on this matter and at this point I am inclined to agree with you.

Though your current system is not perfect, we’ve exhaustively ruled out network lag in your case as a likely source of this issue. Its entirely possible that a minor change in either software environment could have disrupted this function.

I hope we can find a solution going forward since this is key to how you use your system. 

For right now, monitor the system for any changes and keep us posted. 


Hi Jean, 

I've done as you suggested:


1 - boost (ethernet) to switch and router, boost moved 2m away from zp80 (wifi), run same voice command ("play jimi hendrix"). Same issue persists. Diagnostic submitted:



2 - unplugged boost and wired the zp80 via ethernet to switch and router. Moved boost outside of the lounge (midway to the kitchen) and let it connect over WiFi. 

Run same voice command in lounge ("play jimi hendrix"). Same issue persists. Diagnostic submitted:



Given that Google play music can play the request on the home mini successfully, but, when sonos is incorporated as the output speaker for the same home mini, same voice command, and given what we've tried, I think there must be something amiss with the coding between sonos and the Google api.


Please let me know anything else you want to try on my end. 

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Thank you @nathan.a

How far away were you able to place the Boost?

Were you able to test it with the ZP 80 wired again and the Boost further out by the Kitchen player?  

Can you submit a follow up diagnostic from your system after those most recent changes?


I've moved the boost further away, no difference. 


Sure, I'll move the boost a little further away. 

The play 5 came online because I turned it on.

No we don't use Spotify etc. We just have a subscription to Google play music. 

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Hello again @nathan.a.

Thank you for the updated diagnostic. If you have the Boost wired to your router, is it possible ton move it further than 30cm from your ZP80 and your main router? 1 meter would be sufficient for testing purposes. 

I can see that your Play: 5 came back in with your Boost connection though your system is still in what we call a “mixed-mode” which can cause communications issues. Moving the Boost further away from the ZP-80 may resolve this issue

While you don’t need to have any player wired to your network, a wired connection is generally going to be more reliable. The Boost can help carry information to other Sonos players even if it is not wired in but there must be a wired connection to some other Sonos product in your system, like your ZP-80.

You can learn about the difference between a wired and a wireless set up here.

If you would like to return this to a wireless set up, the Boost won’t help you but the connection would be uniform.

I think the interference in your home isn’t helping but I do not at this point have a reason to believe that it is the root cause of this behavior. This is something we may want to keep an eye on and test the limits of.

Do you use any other music streaming services that could be added to Sonos like Spotify or Youtube Music?


Hi Jean,

Thanks for your perseverance. 

I've just power cycled all five sonos zones. They were all switched off at the same time. 

I've powered them back on and retried, using the Google home mini in the lounge, outputting to the sonos lounge (itself on wifi, just 30cm away from the boost which is ethernet-wired to the switch (wired to the router)).

The same problems persists. When I deselect the sonos lounge as the output, so that the Google home mini device is the output, it plays jimi hendrix absolutely fine.


Google home activity - apologies for the copy paste - (it's in reverse chronological order) and is as follows, showing the above description. In reverse order below, the command is "play jimi hendrix" . It responds with, "OK, The Jimi Hendrix Experience from Google Play Music. Playing on Sonos Lounge…" then immediately "Sorry, I can't find what you asked for." 

1 minute later, at 2017, once I've changed the speaker from sonos lounge to the Google home mini, I use the very same voice command "play jimi hendrix", which is acknowledged, "OK, playing The Jimi Hendrix Experience on Google Play Music…" and which then plays fine. So, something is going on between the Google home api and sonos api I assume? 


Said play Jimi Hendrix

OK, playing The Jimi Hendrix Experience on Google Play Music…

20:17 • Details •  • 

Logo for Assistant


Said play Jimi Hendrix

Sorry, I can't find what you asked for.

OK, The Jimi Hendrix Experience from Google Play Music. Playing on Sonos Lounge…


If it at all helps, I have just run a diagnostic, number is 1166550202. 

Please let me know if there is anything else I should be doing on my side. 


Separately, which zone player did it look like had weaker signal? I'm intrigued that I don't need the boost (or any zp for that matter) ethernet connected to my router. I could therefore place the boost somewhere equidistant between the weakest zp and other zps. Would be good to know if that boosts connectivity to the weakest zp (which might be the kitchen, being furthest from the other zps). 


Best regards 




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Hi @nathan.a 

Thank you for your response and I apologize for the delay in responding as I have days off as well. 

The reason why I would suggest using the Boost is that it has a more powerful WiFi antenna than the ZP-80 and is easier to locate to a position not hemmed in by other pieces of audio/electronic gear. 

If that’s not feasible at this time, it is possible to plug it back in sans Ethernet cable and allow it to act as a wireless mesh node in Sonosnet, this should be able to keep all of your players on the same page. 

Unfortunately the details of the Google Assistant Logs aren’t posting so I am unable to glean anything useful there. I’m trying to gauge if this is a network communications issue or something lurking in the Google:Sonos interface that needs expert attention. I’m leaning towards both at the moment. 

It sounds simple, but it doesn’t look like your Sonos ZPs have been rebooted recently, can you give them a good power-cycling before we try anything else? 





Hi Jean, 


Any update here? 

To let you know, I've re-added the boost via ethernet to the router via switch and removed ethernet from the zp80. The same result occurs.


Best regards 




Hi there, 

Please note, when we give voice commands, we never wish to add the room location (of sonos) to the command. We simply have sonos selected as the output speaker. So, we want to say "hey Google, play jimi hendrix", not "hey Google, play jimi hendrix in the lounge". It's too unwieldy. That said, even trying the command with the sonos suffix failed (see logs). 

We never use napster. That was a legacy subscription I had when we first invested in sonos. I've just removed it. Makes no difference to the problem. 

Our home was built in 1907, so a lot of brick walls and plaster. Sonos is spread over two floors. 

I've tried renaming the Google lounge speaker to den and then asking it to play jimi hendrix on sonos lounge. Makes no difference. Diagnostic submitted: 1854545001. 


Other things I've noticed:

In the sonos app > services and voice:

Whilst I have added Google voice assistant, it still shows as "+ add a service". I've obviously added it, and when I read it it says your assistant is ready to use. 


Sonos runs on channel 11.

Nest 5ghz channel 36

2.5ghz channel 6


The sonos and Google homes are named as follows, per room:

Lounge (aka living room) :

Sonos: Sonos Lounge 

Google Home: Living room speaker



Sonos: Kitchen Sonos

Google Home: Kitchen wifi


Master bedroom:

Sonos: Bedroom

Google Home: Google bedroom speaker



Sonos: Bathroom Sonos

Google Home: none



Sonos: Study

Google Home: study speaker


Is there any other recommendation before re-adding the boost? I'd rather not have to re add the boost, as it will sit literally right next to the zp80 and will take up another plug socket, but will do if that is the only answer. 





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Hi @nathan.a,

Here’s a thought, do you have Google Home or other smart devices who’s name overlap with Sonos devices?

I do see that you have your Sonos ZPs designated as “Sonos Lounge” rather than “Lounge”, I apologize for offering inaccurate command syntax. Are both the Sonos room and the Google Home device in the same “Google Room”?

If you give them completely separate identities in Google Assistant and change the command syntax accordingly, does the behavior change? For instance, name the Google Home device “Den” and the Sonos ZP “Sonos Lounge” and ask Google to play Jimi Hendrix in Sonos Lounge.

What is the source that you are attempting to play Jimi Hendrix from, Google Play Music or Napser?

Regarding your Sonos Boost, if you have not reset this device, it should just be a matter of plugging it back in to power and to your network and the Boost should find your system and update itself. It may be necessary to reboot your other Sonos products to bring them back into Sonosnet.  If your Boost has been reset, you can follow the “add a product” prompt under settings and it should guide you through setting it back up. If you no longer have your Boost but instead have the old Sonos Bridge, I would recommend not using it at all as they are becoming functionally obsolete. 

As an aside, I’m noticing quite a lot of “physical interference” in your network, are you living in a home with plaster or concrete walls?  




Thanks Jean. I've just done this and submitted the diagnostic for the tests in the lounge. Number is 1466204355. 

With sonos lounge as the defined output speaker for the Google home device in the lounge, I asked sonos to music in the lounge. It played some random stuff from Google play music over the sonos lounge output fine. I then asked it to play jimi hendrix in the lounge. No joy. I then went into the Google home device and changed the output speaker to itself, and it played back fine. See the Google assistant activity below. Happy to try adding the bridge again (I had no idea you should not mix wired and WiFi sonos zones) - let me know what's best once you've had a chance to review.


Google assistant output:

Logo for Assistant
Said stop
19:28 • Details • 
Logo for Assistant
Said play Jimi Hendrix
Playing The Jimi Hendrix Experience on Google Play Music…
19:25 • Details • 
Logo for Assistant
Said play Jimi Hendrix on Sonos Lounge
Sorry, I can't find what you asked for.
Sure, The Jimi Hendrix Experience from Google Play Music. Playing on Sonos Lounge…
19:24 • Details •  • 
Logo for Assistant
Said play Jimi Hendrix in the lounge
Sorry, I can't find what you asked for.
Sure, The Jimi Hendrix Experience from Google Play Music. Playing on Sonos Lounge…
19:24 • Details •  • 
Logo for Assistant
Said play music in the lounge
OK, in the lounge from Google Play Music. Playing on Sonos Lounge…