Google assistant problem. content isn't available

  • 5 August 2019
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If I ask google home mini located in the kitchen to play a specific song in another room, ie living room, it says that the content isnt available and it cant perform that action. Cant remember the actual words used. But if I go into the sonos app and search the song, it is available and can be played. Is there any way around this?

5 replies

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Hi batchelormh, in the Google Assistant app, have you set your preferred music service? Is it the same one you're trying to use to play music on Sonos using the Sonos app? If you're using Google Play Music free, the uploaded tracks aren't available to play directly using voice control.

Some more details on what services you're using and what you're trying to play would be helpful to pinpoint what's going on.
HI Ryan,

I have the google subscription paid service. This is set as the preferred music service for both sonos and assistant.
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Great, thanks for the details. Think you can try to recreate this issue and let us know the command you tried? If so, can you also submit a diagnostic under More > Settings > Advanced Settings and let us know the number that comes back?
I will do this, but will have to wait until tomorrow as nit home right now. Thanks
I have a similar problem.
Have Google Play Music subscription, able to use it on all devices, can't use it on Sonos. I get "Sorry I can't find the content you requested".