Google Assistant plays BBCR4 extra instead of R4

For the last week or so Google Assistant on my Sonos One always plays BBC Radio 4 Extra instead of Radio 4 when I ask for it. It says playing ‘BBC Radio 4' but when you ask what's plays says R4extra. 

No issue with my Google Nest speakers and the same command, and other radio stations seem fine. I've tried rebooting and updating (it's on S2).

Anyone else finding this? Any solutions?


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Try unplugging the One from power for a couple of minutes and removing TuneIn from your music services in the Sonos app and re-adding it.

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I have the same issue with a Play5 Gen 2. Tried all the above - to no avail. The google assistant will play BBC Radio 4 on its own. The SONOS Play 5 will play BBC Radio 4 when selected in the (S1) app. But when I ask Google assistant it plays Radio4 Extra, despite stating she will be playing BBC Radio 4


Any one, any ideas


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