Google Assistant playback on Roam

  • 23 April 2021
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I purchased roam two days ago and I'm having trouble since then. I use google assistant. When i ask it to play a specific song, the song is played but then it just stops unlike google home which keeps on playing similar kinda songs. Same as that problem when i ask it to play a specific song and ask it to skip the song it says ''sorry, something went wrong with sonos roam!!""

And sometimes when i ask it to play something it replies 'alright playing ____ in youtube music but nothing plays!!

Can someone help me with these issues?

5 replies

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Hi @varun.mub, welcome to the Sonos Community!

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with Google Assistant - would you mind trying some of the suggestions on our Google Assistant help page?

If you haven’t already tried this, then a network reboot (router, access points, Roam) may help.

I’d also recommend checking that the Roam is listed (only once) in the Google Home app, under Profile > Assistant Settings > Devices - if you see the Roam listed twice, I’d recommend removing both entries, and then adding Google Assistant back to the Roam from the Sonos app.


Let us know how you get on :) 


Hi Xander, I tried the above things but nothing could help me! Roam is only listed once in the google home app. I never had any issue while using google home speaker but sonos is having the issue. 

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Hi @varun.mub, thanks for trying that. 

If you check the voice history in the Google Home app, are you able to confirm that the Roam is correctly hearing your commands? (Google Home > Profile > My Activity)

It may also help to get a better idea of how your network is set up - what make/model of router are you using? And do you have any wireless extenders, access points, or mesh systems in place?



Yeah i checked with my activity and it's listening to my commands correctly except when i say it skip the song. I talked to one of sonos team and i was told that since sonos speaker isn't google home speaker, the commands don't support all the time. As i posted that when i ask google home to play specific song it also plays similar songs in a queue but I was told by sonos team that sonos will only play the song i ask. Can you please make sure of this? Because I purchased this speaker specifically for google assistant. 

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Understood @varun.mub, is there any improvement if you say “Hey Google, next" rather than “skip"?

I’ve noticed on my own system that Google prefers next to skip, however this could just be related to speaker positioning - depending on the environment some words may be easier or more difficult to decipher.

Regarding asking Google to play a song, I can confirm that on Sonos, Google Assistant will play only that song rather than continuing to play similar songs.