Google Assistant on Sonos starting music with WRONG Pandora account

  • 6 February 2021
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I have 3 Pandora accounts let’s say A,B,C added to my Sonos S2 App (Sonos One, Playbar, 2xFives). The Sonos One is configured with Google Assistant. The Google Assistant is logged into Pandora account B. 

My desired outcome is: Hey Google, play “Toddler Radio” and Toddler radio begins on Sonos speakers using the Pandora account I configured in the Google Assistant app : Pandora Account B...always

The result: roughly around ¾ of the time, the configured GA Pandora account B is the one who plays the station. Randomly, Sonos, or Google Assistant will decide to play the music using my account A, which I NEVER want to play Toddler radio. As a result, my adult pandora profile is getting littered with Baby Shark radio and the like.

I’ve gone so far as to completely nuke my whole Google Home setup, delete Account B from Google family manager. I’ve attempted to destroy ANY connection on Google’s end between Accounts A and B on the Google side.

The only seemingly reliable “solution” is to delete account A from Sonos completely, and then I don’t get any Babyshark litter, so far as I could see. But this is not an acceptable solution.  


Please help… I am at my wits end...


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3 replies

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Hi @machx 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

That’s a puzzle, to be sure. I recommend you get in touch with our support team directly so they can examine diagnostics from your system. What you describe shouldn’t be happening - they will be in a position to pass this question up to a higher tier of technical support.

Spoke with support. Long story short, google Assistant is not able to accurately control which Pandora account is used. It is not a limitation of Sonos, but Google Assistant. 

solution: use Alexa 

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That makes sense - it’s Google Assistant that’s finding a URL for your speaker to access based on your spoken request. It doesn’t help you with your Google Home devices, unfortunately. 

You could download tracks for the kids, so you don’t stream them, I suppose. Or, use a different streaming service. But these options are more like workarounds than fixes, unfortunately.