Google Assistant on Sonos is a joke

  • 22 December 2019
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Is it really that bad?  Because at this point, it feels that bad.

I have a stereo pair of sonos ones (the main speaker being the second gen, the other 1st) and a sonos move.

I have no other google speakers in the house and to lessen any confusion from my Google assistants part, I even disengaged it on my phone.

I have problems nearly 100% of the time with google.  Simple commands such as, "pause," "play some music", or "skip this song" or mainly everything music related I get a constant,

"Sorry, something went wrong, when you're ready, give it another try."


Or, my favorite one is,

"Sorry, I can't do that here, but you can ask me to play it on one of your other devices."

This happens all the time.  If it does work, it's usually on the second or third try, and by then I'm so frustrated I wish I never invested in these speakers. 

Spotify is my main squeeze, but anything streaming related seems to be a nightmare.  I've tried rebooting google assistant but nothing works and now I feel like I have some serious buyers remorse.  These speakers are very expensive and sound great, but I have nothing but frustration with the simplest of music tasks.


I've looked at the forums and overall it seems like it's a mess for google assistant all around, but if anyone has found out anything I havent yet it would be helpful!





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26 replies

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Didn’t Sonos take over a “voice command” company a while ago? I guess that’s so they can try to introduce a music-oriented system fully integrated and working independent of other voice-control companies.