Google Assistant on AMP?

  • 13 August 2019
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I'm new here. I'm likely to buy a Sonos amp for my back yard speaker setup. Will there be an update to AMP so that I can add the Sonos amp to a speaker group in Google home? That would clutch it for me.

If not, will I have to find a Chromecast audio on eBay and use that? Are there alternatives since CCA is discontinued? Thanks!

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2 replies

Sonos and Google speakers can't play together in sync at this time, and Sonos has not announced any plans for that to happen. In my personal opinion, that's unlikely to happen, so I wouldn't plan on it.

I'm not quite sure what the best alternatives for this, unfortunately, even if you went with something other than Sonos to power your outdoor speakers. Getting CCA seems like a temporary solution. Because the amp has RCA inputs and HDMI-ARC(optical) input, any Google device with audio output should be fine.
Thanks Danny. It'd be super nice if they did roll out support for that. I feel it would be a killer feature that not many other receivers and amps offer.