Google Assistant not working right

  • 20 September 2022
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I have 2 Move speakers on a network with Google assistant tied to Spotify.  Was working fine until last day or so.  Now when I say “hey Google, play The Beatles” it responds “To play media, say something like, play Pop Music or play animal videos on living room TV, you can also use commands like pause or continue or volume up”  I updated the system and I have no other indications.  The speakers will play music i select from Spotify and it will respond to “pause, stop, volume up” etc

3 replies

Watching… Same thing here!

Same here..

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I’ve been experiencing the same problem as well! At one point when I asked the Google Assistant to play a song from an album that is also named after the album, the Assistant asked me whether I wanted to play the song or the album.
This seemingly new feature really impressed me but when I say “the song” or “the album” the speaker never ends up playing anything and just repeats what it says in the original post of this thread!