Google assistant not working in Poland

  • 10 June 2024
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Hi there,

Over a year has passed and Google Assistant is still not available in Poland... I dont understand the reason behind this. It is not that Google doesnt support this in Poland, since it is working very good on other devidces.

When Google Assistant feature will be available in Poland ? Is there anything happening to make it work ?

Alexa is available, but frankly speaking its a mess… 
But please dont reply with availability lists and that its a Google problem, not Sonos. I realy dont think it's a Google problem...


Or maybe someone has a way to make it work ]:→ ?



2 replies

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So Google does not provide a service through Sonos speakers in your country and you complain here because “realy dont think it's a Google problem...”. Well put! Did you even contact Google?


I did, nothing from them yet. 

There are some clues why its not a Google problem:

  • some years ago Google Assistant was working properly on Sonos
  • Google Assistant is working almost flowlesly on other devices

I would like to know the problem and maybe somehow solve it - so yes, asking and “complaining”… But thanks for advice.